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As a person who is very active in marshal arts I try and stay away from weight lifting, especially using machines as IMHO feel it would just make me muscle bound. The free weights I do use I use more on my legs, neck, and lower back (I have a bad lower back). Mind you what im looking for isn't pure muscle but more endurance and flexibility. At 145 lbs and a small frame bulking up would just be silly IMO. But this is my routine when I can get it in.

20 or so minutes of stretching. The key is doing it slow and holding for a while.

4 x 25 pull ups
4 x 30 push ups
4 x 35 sit ups
4 x 25 parallel bar dips
4 x 30 parallel bar full leg raises (slowly bring your legs parallel to the bar)
4 x 30 lunges with 2 25 lbs dumb bells
4 x 25 squats using 2 30 lbs dumb bells
3 x 10 100lbs dead lift

Run a 6:30 or better mile. If I make it then I do another mile at 7 minutes. If I make that then do a 7:30 mile and so on.

All in all I like it. It gives me what I want and that is the ability to throw my weight around as best as I can.
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