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Question A Question for the Empire... Now with Pics!

What would a fair price be for a VM Mag, only fred 20 times with reballs to test cycling?

Ive replaced all the thumbscrews with stainless steel screws of the same head pattern as original VM screws, and brass #10 washers. The sideline connecting the rear ASA is redone with macro-line, with an on/off integrated. I still have the original parts, and some spare replacement screws, all sorted in snack baggies.

Other then that, everything else is completely stock, meticulously cleaned, and has never seen a field. Like I said, its only fired two tubes of reballs, and that was just in my backyard.

I also have a brand new 9oz, and 20oz, both with covers, the original box, valve tool, manual and an indian springs maxi-loader.

Everything looks brand new, pics are on post #4.

Thanks in advance.

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