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Originally Posted by cjottawa View Post
One thing: it's "Level 10" not "Level X."

AGD makes an "X-Valve" as well which is why the terminology is frequently "cross-pollinated."
Thanks for the clarification, I saw it written like that in a few places so the term just kinda stuck.

And for everyone else that wanted to know what the problem was, it ended up being that i read the manual and started to tune it and it started malfunctioning so i started playing around with different stuff to try fix it, and i ended up forgetting about shims. I restarted tuning from the bottom up pretty much, I put shims on and went to the smallest carrier, and she works great now.

And why this is stickied I have no idea, It really just boiled down to me being an idiot
Originally Posted by Agglet View Post
They probably talk to the guy at my field that pours mineral oil down his barrel to lube his marker.
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