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7 dollar a pair volleyball kneeguards are made to kneel in. They'll protect you when your knee hits the ground. They do this as well as things far more expensive. we get it. That's what most paintball kneepads are for too, to simply take a knee, slide or crawl the 2 yards across turf to the next inflatable bunker. This pathetic little job could be done as well by tieing a towel around your leg.

Gunman_2000 gets it. The JT Skinz were full shin protection and knee protection that would let you crawl miles. Miles. Playing hardcore woodsball at the 180acre Hell Survivors field, I crawled at least a mile last year in my JT skinz, in spite of the fact that I broke my tibia in april....When I broke my leg I searched the internet til I found a NIB pair of 04 Skinz.

'Army' kneeguards are little better. While they're awesome for the demands of duty soldiers, they are a joke for a 200yd speedstalk through thick woods with the game clock ticking down.

Playing in snow is another situation that shows up how lame most knee protection is. You never know when some stick is going to go an inch into your calf...

At the SPPL finals in Oklahoma, one of the fields was the rock garden. I saw with my own eyes a laceration that went right through a set of empire full shinguards, the pants and all the skin that put itself between the rock and the kneebone.
They work great if you never need them to work...

There's a good fraction of the paintball community that put alot more stress on this gear than you do, if volleyball pads are fine for you.

I've been looking recently at Mountain biking knee/shinguards, there are some interesting designs out there.
Since I'm getting another pair of the Smokin Outlast pants, I can go under them or over them, I've pretty much settled on these:

The Kali Protectives Aazis Plus 180 soft knee/shin guard offers:
A Nitrex foam-lined, flexible ABS shell to protect the kneecap
A Nitrex foam-lined, flexible ABS plate to protect the shin bone
A Kevlar-weaved synthetic kneecap cover and shin plate cover for extra durability against abrasion
Two additional Nitrex foam pads above and below the flexible ABS kneecap shell
Six dense foam pads positioned on both sides of the kneecap shell to protect your ligaments
Four dense foam pads positioned on both sides of the shin plate to further protect your shinbone
Perforated neoprene cuff for comfort and breath-ability
Slip-on style knee/shin guard that will fit under or over pants
Two large Velcro belts to keep the Aazis Plus 180 knee/shin guard securely in place
Anti-microbial material that is fully washable
I'm still playing just as hard 24 years after I started because I take care of my equipment, whether it's my pistols or my knees.

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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