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I just started putting my pistol rig together.

I liked the look of the chest rigs but didn't need something as big as most games I play are quick games requiring few shots.
I used a Condor Chest Rig as the platform.
My 8 or 10 round tubes are placed into a Condor Shotgun Reload (holds 8 tubes).
Used a Condor Shotgun pouch to hold my 12 grams (holds 6).
I only run my tac 8 on 2 mags so I grabbed a Condor mag holder for the spare.
I am waiting on a Condor Ammo Pouch and a Pistol holster.
My holster is going to be universal as the rig I am building will be for both Pistol (Tac 8) and Pump Pistol (Modified PGP) play.
I will take some pictures tonight of what I have setup so far. Still trying to get a feel for placement on the chest rig but so far I like it
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