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SO a new update to this review. I called today about an issues I had with solenoid hose. I spoke with Adam,I'm assuming Adam Gardner. He offered to send me out a new SP1 solenoid. I was sent a Vibe noid set up by accident. He was going to send it out today.
Since I also bought extra hose for quick repair,I decided to give it a try.

I had been told that the hose was very hard to install and that hose barbs have been broken attempting this.

So I cut off the hose and then remove the rest off the barb with a small razor knife I have. Now when doing this, you have to becareful not to cut of any barb or adjacent hoses.

Once I had the hose removed,I just used a little spit and slight pressure to push on the hose. There is a good friction fit,you just have to be careful when doing it and don't get in a hurry. turned around and did the same thing to the hose barb that goes into the ASA.

Adam was nice enough to trust me to send back the solenoid when I received the correct one that he was going to send out. I called and told him not to worry about it. he ask "Are you sure" I told him I was positive and both parties were happy.

It's good to see old time "first person" service come back once again.


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