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I couldn't disagree more.
As Dundadun says for his T8 he can carry 6 mags Plus 10rd tubes and CO2.

For the same weight as those 6 T8 mags you can carry over 20 TPX mags and have no need for the 10rd tubes.
Add in the fact that T8 mags are $50 and TPX mags $15, also a T8 mags weighs around a pound, a TPX mag weighs 3oz.
3 loaded T8 magazines weigh more than a loaded TPX PISTOL with 3 mags.

SO for the PRICE of 6 T8 mags you can buy 20 TPX mags and for the WEIGHT of 6 T8 mags with no co2 cyl even in them, you can have 24 TPXmags.

With a TPX you have the additional time of loading co2.
This is nothing compared to the time you spend with a T8 reloading mags with paint to get at that so-called 'extra' co2!
To get the advantage of the co2 in the T8 mag you must reload paint into each mag twice on the field instead of slapping in yet another mag!

So with a T8, you have to pour paint into a mag like a person would load the mag of a zeus.
THEN put that mag in like you would a TPX.
Like loading 2 pistols in a row just to fire....

I would never argue with anyone who said 'they liked' the T8 better. Nor would I argue with anyone who 'preferred' the T8.

However anyone who says that the T8 is a better primary than a TPX is incorrect. It's not true based on objective facts.
Paintball, in the final analysis is about fun through, try them both and use whichever you find more fun!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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