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modding my shoebox shocker cp reg, led ect

update got it shooting paint with new board and frame
So i decided that it was time to play around with my shoebox shocker.

First I added a power switch and 3 red leds to show when power is on. can you believe that this gun didnt come with a power switch and replaced the stock battery with a 9v battery.
I got the switch out of my rc parts bin and the leds from hobby king and the 9v battery plug from Radio shack.
HobbyKing Online R/C Hobby Store : Turnigy High Density R/C LED Flexible Strip-Red (1mtr)

next I wanted to lighten up the gun so I decided to get rid of the maxflow and go with a cp or other regular regulator.

take a automag vertical air adapter and remove the wings. I used a dremel and file but it would have looked alot nicer if i had access to a mill.

next i had to make the trigger frame flat so that the as would set flush.

finished product

added a gauge to the back of the shocker that way I dont over pressurise the gun.

put ego grip frame on with scenario dreams eblade board

still playing with settings i am running 10ms dwell right now 11bps it shoots 12 ok but at 13 it chokes
vid of of it shooting paint ramping is at the top of the page
now i just want to freak bore the stock barrel. maybe get it lazer ingraved

found a picture of mastablastas moded shoebox made me want to put a new grip frame and board on my shocker.
I will probably get an ego or eblade frame.

thanks to capital paintball for the eblade settings
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