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Originally Posted by SuperG91 View Post
Ok, but how Reliable is it? I'm just worried cause I've heard a lot about "Crap4" products.
Just supply it with paint, Co2, a little oil, and it will be just fine. Keep it clean, well maintained, and it will serve you well.

I had one of these, ended up trading it off, now I'm going back toward pumps and pistols so I have been picking up various pistols. Besides some such as the TPX, Tac8, etc, the rest are essentially the same design, a stacked tube blow back. They work just fine with proper maintenance. Some may work a little better that others (like piercing 12 grams) but they are still about the same.

Personally, I never had a problem with 12 grams in that pistol. Its really not to bad but then again, it is Heavy. The only design flaw I had was that the cocking knob is protected and makes it a little harder to cock the gun.

I picked of a Zeus, it solves the cocking problem and is a decent pistol, depending on how you shoot, you can get about 20 shots per 12 gram. I have 2 tubes for it and 4 tubes from a PT extreme as they fit it as well.

Not a bad pistol but due to the weight and size, I would be more likely to use it as a primary than a sidearm.
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