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F/S - Bunch of Random Misc. Markers and Gear

Misc Items

72 10rd Paintball Tubes - Great for pistols or stock play. SOLD
Indian Springs Maxi Loader "XL" - Vintage loader, used. really not sure what it's worth so i'll list it as $10 shipped

Planet Eclipse Gauntlet Gloves (Medium) 2009 - Never been used, new. $15 shipped

Black/Red Hybrid Regulator, and Black Regulator of unknown origin. SOLD *not sure if they work)
Black drop forward - unknown manufacturer. $7 shipped
Shocktech Green Drop Forward. $7 shipped **Buy both drops for $10 shipped


Twistlocks ***Buy all twistlocks for $40 shipped***

-Dye Ultralite $25
-Black Barrel that very closely resembles a SP Teardrop Barrel $10
-ACI Zero Gravity (no detent or o-rings included with this barrel) $10

Autococker Threaded ***Buy all cocker barrels for $30 shipped***

-Taso $15
-WGP 2-Piece $15
-JJ Performance 2-Piece $15

Freak Inserts - $10 for both shipped

Project Marker - Right fed autococker. non functional. comes with body, trigger frame, bolt, lpr, and whatever else you can make out from the picture. $100 obo

PMI Tracer - $75 obo


12v Revy (Green) - $20 shipped

Lost Treasure? Collector's Items? ***I am unsure of the value of these so offer***
Air America Apocalypse Regulator - for the sake of a price $100 obo

Air America Black Ice Unireg - for the sake of a price $100 obo

Unknown Regulator. Stainless Steel - for the sake of a price $100 obo

More items to be posted

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