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they run great on CO2. I dont think they had HPA when they first came out.
" Capable of operating off CO2, compressed air, or Nitrogen. The marker will perform better than most others on the market while on CO2, due to the operation."
ZDS Paintball - Shocker Sport Introduction & History
cool vid by cockerpunk that mentions co2 usage.

I have run it on CO2 before and it really helps since the gun is such a gas hog. not sure how well the CP reg handles co2 but maybe i could put the old maxflow reg on the tank then run the remote off that.

Mods that I would like to do
+get delrin bolt tip
+replace the DS board with an LS or Glacier, possibly an Excalibur board.
+have Super_Stanchy freak bore the stock barrel so i can use my .679 insert and stop the rullouts.

if anyone has the delrin bolt tip for cheap let me know.
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