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Originally Posted by tetanus View Post
I've got some paint left from flagwars you can shoot saturday. If you don't it's just going to sit under the pool table and become jedi training ammo.

I'm in for the 29th. Should be able to manage the drums with biscuitz help. I'll see if i cant get him to come over earlier that morning and drive one of the pickups full of them.
Sry if rage-o was rough on ya this weekend, i shoulda warned you beforehand.
She only picks on ppl she likes.......................................... and then again there's juice-box

See you crackers saturday.

Are you kidding??? I LOVE Rage-O! I would have asked her to marry me if I thought i would survive it. I had a blast with everyone. Maybe we can get some of them to come out to one of the Outlaw games sometine. Befor eI forget can you remind her to find me on FB or to send me the pics she took I want to show Jdouche and some of the others the field.

And yeah...Poor Juice box....
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