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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
When reviewing guns, there is a lot of subjectiveness that goes into it. Color, feel, thoughts on quality, etc.

Some of us like pumps, some like electros, but no one likes a non-consistent gun. But how do we judge what is consistent? Where are the numbers? What numbers should we be using, testing, and using a bellweathers and guidelines?

Most of us know in a car that anything over 30 mpg is pretty awesome, but in a paintball gun that would be what? No idea.

A car and do 0 to 60 in x seconds is awesome, and can stop in x seconds at 30 feet is better, but what numbers do we use in a gun? No... I don't mean how far can one throw a gun, but maybe some certain standards are needed.

I propose a review standard.

FPS Consistency

Well, this is a must. Using a guns stock reg (they all come with their own now-a-days), what is that guns velocity consistency?

Reg testing, to be sure the reg is at optimal pressure....

Then shooting 12 shots, (should it be more?), in a slow succession (at least a second between shots), and jotting down every shot fps, getting the average fps, the high fps, and the low fps.

This allows you to get the +/- variance on the gun.


Shooting at a fast speed (what speed though?) to find a gun's ability to hold its velocity during rapid firing.

Take down the first FPS number, and then the 10th FPS number, maybe even a higher number?

Fuel Economy Stats

Like the car, how many shots CAN we get off a tank? I propose using a 13/3000 only because it's easier to shoot off 60 to 100 shots as opposed to a 45/4500, but I don't know for sure.

I'm assuming if you can shoot a paintball at 280 fps, when you dry fire it, you will expell the same amount of gas, and can easily test it.

Again, this is stock / out of the box parts and set up with minimal tweaking on the end users part. Sure, we'll get it up to the correct testing fps, but that is about it.

You wouldn't purchase a car that you couldn't drive off the lot with...

Other Gun Stats

Most of these are obtained by the manufacturer, but are important:

Gun Weight
Overall Length without Tank
Overall Length with Tank
Stock Barrel ID
Stock Barrel Length
Type of trigger switch (if electronic)
Type of Valve System
Optional Features / Components

Then the Subjective Stuff

Look and Feel
Ability and Ease of Aiming


What else? Help me fix this into a working standard, at least for us here at MCB, so when we test guns and someone says this gun get XXX shots off at Y tank, we can either be impressed or not.

I think it's high time the average player starts learning how efficient their gun is, and how good the stock regs really are.

Oh, and if I'm completely off my rocker, please let me know. It's just that I have a bunch of guns here I need to start testing (spring if finally here and the fields are opening in 3 weeks finally) and I want to have something to actually aim for, and not just subjectively.

I'm leaving accuracy out of it, as it is just too darn subjective.

.... and you're turn... Now.

it's called a 'marker'.... but I like how you are not PC and call it a gun. Rock on.

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