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Okay. Planning to cut the trigger plates on the schools CNC mill this week. I ordered the stock last week and it has arrived. Would also like to do the strikers on the CNC lathe this week if I can get away with hogging both machines. I'll post some pictures when these are done.

On the home front. Took a second crack at truing the chuck on my lathe. First attempt left me with about +/- 3/1000's runout. Not too good. Then, while working on a similiar problem on the schools CNC lathe it occurred to me that I hadn't pre-loaded the chuck jaws when I trued them. Got my hands on a large outer bearing race and used it to pre-load the chuck jaws. Then re-ground them. Now runout is about +/- 1/2 of 1/1000. This is acceptable. I can use a floating reamer chuck and finish out the barrels now. Will need to make a spindle spider first so I guess that is my next project.

After that I'll take another crack at the stock vise.

Completely redesigned the bolt. Not ready to spill the beans just yet but it is an idea I have been fooling with for a very long time. The pieces finally fell into place and the CRO rifles will be the very first to benefit from the design.

Committed the lever mount to paper- err rather pixel finally. Previously the design existed only in my head. A situation that could easily have lead to it having violated the laws of physics. Now that I have blue-printed it I know it can be made to work. The plan has always been that once the CRO's were finished I would have the makings of a lever action kit that could be installed on an existing KP rifle with minimum modification. So far that still seems to fall within the realm of possibility.
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