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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
it's called a 'marker'.... but I like how you are not PC and call it a gun. Rock on.
Really Rob?

From the NSG manual:

They were guns long before the PC term "marker". Anyways...

I think the reviews should also take into consideration the weather. Temp, humidity, etc. Those all have an effect on the tests being done so how about a mention. I mean, we can tell if it's sunny or snowy by pictures or video but that's not the whole story.

I don't think paint to bore should be mandatory, but at least knowing if the reviewer is under boring or over boring and and idea of by how much would be helpful as well.

Something like this could be beneficial (from some phantom testing I did today actually):

That paint was pretty small, it fell straight out of my Armson and was easily pushed out of my original .678 Eigenbarrel.

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