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Fast, quality, cheap. Pick two. And it applies here.
Two weeks is the over under for bst in my mind any longer and a communication is due.

What pisses me off is the jack wagons who put a 180 dollar gun in a box all by itself with nothing securing it down so it won't bounce around then wonder why I'm leaving them feedback saying the gun barrel punched through the packages and got destroyed!
or the idiot who puts a autocOcker frOnt block with guide rod in a bubble envolope and wonders why and how the guide rid got bent and the ram tweaked and the threads tor out of the front in-transit!
Those are just a few.
Packaging and damages are worse to me then waiting. If I need something fast I let them know, then I'll know if it can be shipped to me in time so I can go elsewhere or not
Packaging to me seems pretty damn simple. But other it's rocket science. :shakehead
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