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Originally Posted by AlexH View Post
id love one with a v8! lol
Fortunetly, the aftermarket for CJs is extremely strong. Every single part is still made either to factory specs, or something.... similar. You could build a brand new Jeep CJ from aftermarket parts... and well... lots of people do.

V8s are always popular. Lots of people use Chevy 350s. Cheap and everywhere, and are popular swaps. So popular that most Jeep catalogs have a section on just SBC parts (ie adapters, engine mounts, wiring, plumbing, etc).

Speaking of catalogs, before you do anything else, go to,, and JCWhitney. All 3 have Jeep CJ/Wrangler parts catalogs that are huge.... and free.

Or maybe it had an AMC V8? Jeeps had the 304 as a popular option. The great thing about the 304 is its identical (externally) to the 360 and 401 muscle car engines. You could pull a AMC401 from an AMC Javelin, and drop it right into a CJ-7 without fussing with adapters and nonesense. (though a new trans and diffs are probobly a good idea).

AMC V8s are more expensive to build up, simply becuase they are less common. But vastely more cool.

Have fun!

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