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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
yep, sure would be smart of someone to make a little forcefeed hopper for pumps, dunno how many times I've seen it mentioned and nobody has capitalized on it yet (UNTAPPED MARKET SHARE!!!)
Not even just pump players, though. Yeah, if someone made a 100 round force fed, or 100 agitated hopper, 98% of pump players would buy it without hesitation. But, im seeing lots of people now shooting Mini's and the like with 13/3000's and pocket hoppers, i guarantee alot of them would buy it too....But, yeah. You're right, untapped market!! Instead the companies just keep coming up with new anno's for old guns.
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Originally Posted by Ieo View Post
I don't need it in my hands....the picture is right there. Cool thing about pictures: they give you an accurate representation of what something will look like. They've been doing it since 1822, or so I'm told.
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