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Originally Posted by Daze View Post
There's also the fact that the industry wants you to buy paint, they aren't going to give everyone a better way to conserve it.
I would argue that a force fed hopper would encourage some pumpers to shoot more paint vs tiny gravity fed hoppers.

(some) People in the industry want to make money. Others do it for a love of the sport and to promote and improve the sport. This might be an opportunity to do both.

Also, with intelligent design and some well thought out planning, one of these manufacturers ought to be able to figure a way to build a scalable platform for their next generation of hoppers. That way they should be able to use some components of their larger capacity hoppers on smaller capacity hoppers, thus reducing the need for completely new parts. A shared base with interchangeable shells could work. The reason it hasn't been done yet (down to this scale - there was that front man, back man stuff) is there was no perceived demand for it. We can change that. It might not get made until the current products in the pipelines get flushed through or until someone new steps up. But the sooner we ask, the sooner it can begin. (squeaky wheel)
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