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Originally Posted by Helmi_17 View Post
there is something called the "Thermic Effect of Food"
good stuff there, i had no idea...

Originally Posted by spaz66777 View Post
The other day my Mom kept trying to get me to try all this food though I was done eating for the day.
this is huge... never eat just because you're bored or someone expects you to finish your plate.

Originally Posted by Helmi_17 View Post
Some people are never able to eat "what they want (pizza, burgers, wings, beer)" without gaining weight, regardless of what they do.
i'll agree that some people may not be able to do this but with daily exercise and proper portion size, most people should.
"eating what you want" is two slices, a few wings and a beer. not the whole pie and finishing the six.

i've seen a small woman eat 3,000 calories a day and not gain weight.
this was in a controlled environment where caloric intake was Upgraded at 250 cal intervals: weird stuff just happens...
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