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When I first did the top-load mod I tried modding the spring your way, actually. It works, but I could never seem to get each coil anywhere near consistent (more patience would probably help lol). The guide rod setup honestly took me less time than trying to rework the spring. Of course, I also have a pretty well supplied machine shop at work, compared to what the average enthusiast has access to.

It's just another one of those things where both ways work, but for me, I like the guide rod. It pretty much takes out any chance of the spring randomly binding or jumping out of the loading out port, which is something I had happen with my modded spring on occasion. Again, I'm sure this probably has something to do with my lack of patience for trying to get each coil correctly resized. The other thing is that compared to the Zeus, the SA17's spring seems a LOT smaller compared to the tube than the relationship present in the Zeus feed.

As for the lever changer- my initial idea (pre-recall) was to do the same thing you're planning. Unfortunately the way the 12g's are held in means you still have to pop the lever, then flip the gun and pull the spent 12g out manually because it's retained by a clip. Now with the extra retention supplied by the recall parts, it's just a disaster. Of course, the recall parts CAN be removed, but in my case I just said screw it and went constant air so I can keep the parts installed in the gun and not lose them so I have them if I decide to sell it later. I also had some random thoughts about dropping the stock leverchanger entirely and fabbing up some parts to use one of the ones that ASP sells (and is used on the DSG's), and converting the spring-loaded pierce seal block to something that will accept a standard CCI pin. For now though, it was easier to go remote air, and I'll keep the pair of Zeuses for 12g play.
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