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Used mine at my local field yesterday ,only second time I used it but I like this pistol.

The first time I ran it was at a large rental place and they set it up with on HPA. I got the hitman package which comes with the extended barrel and 20round mag, and it looked good, but this pistol had a hard time firing straight, reloading was a pain with the HPA tank stuck off the back, and that day left me quite diappointed.

So when I came to use it yesterday minus the barrel & hpa tank &running off 12grams and still with the 20 round mag, it shot and played beutifully.

It shot almost perfectly straight, I could reload easily (using two 10 round tubes taped together), and was getting on average 24 - 26 shots per 12.
two of the 12grams didnot seal properly but I still managed to get 20 good shots off despite leaking co2!

All in all for the price this pistol is very good and I am very please with it.

I'm planning on modding my 20round mag agent smith style so paint reloads are faster.

Its definately worth a look if you are on a budget. As for build quality I honestly could not find anything cheap about this pistol. Its not a perfect design but I can't see myself upgrading to a tac8 or TPX anytime soon.
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