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I haven't post much on MCB but my love for CCM makes me post the following:

so storminnorman your not the only one out there, but your anno looks better for sure I've heard there were 3-10 sold to the public. I bought mine from a Cali baller that moved to clarksville. he claimed that he walked into the CCM store and purchased it straight up. I know Ive seen another exactly like mine that was in STL at the OSC tournament at Xtreme Paintball Park.

I bought it from a guy that went by "Fooie" *spelling* then sold it to a guy that sold it to a guy that sold it back to me I love the gun and I love the un-sure history on it

Terd 44
I'm guessing we made 15+ maybe up to 20?

I started giving them to the employees and maybe sold a few body kits on e-bay.

I have 4 myself. So yes that body style is really a low number. I think most of the employees sold theirs either locally or e-bay.
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