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It does, when they switched from armotech to warsensor they went all metric sizes. Canadians, they're so cute! Running a 1/4-28 tap through the metric pierce pin block will convert it.

The Armotechs were 1/4-28 thread in the pierce pin block and ASA threads on the co2 plug. This let you use phantom pins and cheap ASA plugs, instead of trying to find an expensive branded replacement.
Can't have that!

EDIT: another important point, later warsensors use a larger diameter mainspring, which will not fit in Armos, cores or even early warsensors. BUYPBL in canada is the distributor of warsensor pistols and BUYPBLUSA in new york is their outlet in the states. Even though their websites SHOW no warsensor parts, I have been able to call them on THE PHONE and get parts like mainsprings, co2 plugs, etc. IF you're clear you have an armotech and need the older parts they MAY be able to help you, I'm not sure.

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