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Gearbag Sale: e-Spyder, tank, Halos, ASAs, other misc. stuff

Ok. Some stuff is priced with shipping, some without, so please read. If you are buying more than one item it will all ship in one envelope/box and you’ll save on shipping. If you are outside the U.S. I will need to double check the shipping cost, but so far prices have been pretty reasonable. If you want to ship a different way than specified it shouldn’t be a problem, just let me know. Everything will be cleaned (if it hasn’t been already) before it ships. Feel free to offer. Paypal is preferred. Any questions, post up or PM me.

Old PbN feedback
New PbN feedback
MCB feedback
AO feedback

More pics of everything here

Spyder E99 Avant

Excellent condition overall, although the anodizing on the grip frame is starting to come off in spots. Thoroughly cleaned and re-oiled, shoots great. Includes stock rechargeable battery with wall charger, Java 200 round hopper with hopper adapter, extra hammer spring, and bottom line adapter fitting should you choose to switch to an aftermarket ASA (drop forward is drilled and tapped for standard ASA mounting holes).


Tank & tank cover

-Crossfire 48ci/3000 psi aluminum tank – recently passed hydro test (01/2011)

-Dye Rhino tank cover (gray); fits 48ci/3k psi aluminum tank or 45ci/4.5k psi fiber tank


-Halo B (clear) – Works great, missing Halo jewel on right side, battery door is broken and needs to be taped to stay on. $35 shipped

-Halo V35 w/ Rip Drive (smoke) – LNIB, only used a couple of times. Magnetic lid. Feedneck has been shortened and sanded a bit (comparable to a Dye Rotor feedneck) to fit the BP no-rise on my Viking. SOLD

Odds & Ends

(These prices do NOT include shipping, add $3-5 for shipping. All fittings and hoses are 1/8 NPT.)

-NW drop forward w/ on/off ASA (black) SOLD
-Shocktech ASA (black) $5
-generic ASA (black) SOLD
-JT clamping elbow (blue) $3
-F-F straight fitting SOLD
-M-M straight fitting $1
-90 deg. M-F elbow (1 brass is sold, 1 red remaining) $1
-5” steel braided hose SOLD
-APP 45 grips SOLD
-Gen-E Matrix LPR (not sure what brand, internals are identical to PBC LPR though, body is scratched up quite a bit but the internals are fine) $15

Thanks for looking.

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