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Give this a shot if you like hitting up the gym. It comes complete with meal plans and how much water intake you should be consuming daily. I lost 22 ibs at the end of it. I weighed 187 and finished at 165. I also did some road/treadmill work in the morning MWF and a quick 1.5 mi run before my workouts. Be sure to take it easy when you attempt 2 a days. Start it on your 2nd week so you don't burn out. G'luck.

For motivation and focus, ask yourself why your doing it and drill that into your head over and over again. For me, I wanted to be stronger, faster, and to look good. I'm also 5'8.

A "little" cheat meal is okay every two weeks on a Sunday. Like a slice of pizza. Just don't fall into relapse or all your hard work goes down the drain.
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