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Brazilian paintball markers - ALL OF THEM - PIC HEAVY!

OK guys, as promised here's the thread that lists and shows all the paintball markers made in Brazil since 1990. There are still some that I don't have pictures of but roughly 90% of them are here for your apreciation. Here it goes:

Maker: Tecnav
- Busterball (long and short): Nelson pump, open class with steel body, plastic frame and fixed barrel

There was another version with the short pump handle and a shorter barrel as well but you get the idea. This was the first paintball marker ever done here and it was used by many, many fields as rentals at the time. The bolts aren't adjustable and the internals are of a very poor quality but actually were very robust and reliable. I played with one of these when I played for the first time back in 1991 at age 14. Both guns pictured are in my personal collection.

- Competition: Nelson pump, open class with aluminum body, plastic frame and fixed barrel

Basically the same thing as the Busterball but much lighter. The barrel is actually made of two aluminum pipes, one inside the other. As you can see in the pics, there were some small differences in the barrels over the time. These were considered good guns with a better overall quality and feel than the Busterball. These are also in my personal collection.

- Hunter: blowback semi-auto, Tippmann 68 Special clone with a Line SI Bushmaster style barrel and a cast iron body

These were real monsters on the field but some of these broke by being looked at. I clearly remember my cousin jumping over a bunker and cracking his in the middle during a game.

Maker: Crossball
- 68 Special short and long: Nelson pump, open class with aluminum body, plastic frame and fixed barrel

New Pictures:

My very first paintball marker. The red Crossball long version. They were much, much better than the Tecnav's at the time and I've used it for quite some time. Sold it to friend later (who managed to lose the feedneck) and bought it back from him maybe 10 years later. The blue one isn't mine but you can see the shorter version as well. These guns were made in several colors but the most popular ones were always the red, blue and black.

Maker: Amazonas (?)
- 68 curta e longa: Nelson pump, open class with aluminum body, plastic frame and fixed barrel

Also used as rental guns but they were more expensive than the Tecnav guns so not many were sold. Unfortunatelly I don't have any pics of it.

Maker: PMS
- Brute: Nelson pump, open class with aluminum body, plastic frame and fixed barrel

Well, most of you are familiar with this one as they were exported to USA at the time. The Brute was probably the second best brazilian marker ever made. This one is also on my personal collection.

- Brute O'Matic: blowback semi-auto, FAST F1 Illustrator clone with an aluminum body

Unfortunatelly I don't own one so the only pics I could post are the ones that were already on the VintageRex site and an aditional add.

Maker: Thormax
- SpeedMaster Pump: Nelson pump, open class with aluminum body, plastic frame and removable barrel

This one was the BEST paintball marker ever made here in Brazil. They were light, fast, reliable, had an adjustable bolt. They were a real dream! Unfortunatelly I had one of these but stupidly I gave it as a gidt to a friend who never used it and ended up selling it. I've been trying to find another one to buy but it's almost impossible.

- SpeedMaster Semi: Nelson pump, open class with aluminum body, plastic frame and removable barrel and an Auto-Cockin system

This is a really, really rare paintball marker. Only 30 were produced and I've found one for sale last year. Apparently they are not that reliable and unfortunatelly I couldn't take it out to try it. They use the same internals as the pump but with an auto-cocking mechanism. More info and pictures can be found here: Now, this is really RARE! A Brazilian Speed Master Auto Pump from 1995! 1 of 30!

- SpeedMaster Semi 2 (?): Automag clone prototype with less than three markers ever built

This one I've only heard of. Never seen any pictures nor met anyone who actually has one. It's an unconfirmed urban legend LOL

- SpeedMaster Lonely: Nelson pump, stock class with aluminum body, plastic frame and removable barrel and a 50 grams CO2 canister built into the back part of the valve. The feed tube carries 14 paintballs.

More info on this one here: Thormax SpeedBall Lonely pistol from Brazil - 1993 marker

Maker: Stagnelli
- Pump: Nelson pump, open class with magnesium body and frame and fixed barrel

Never heard of that before. A guy in Brazil's south told me about it and sent these pictures for me. He says it's uber-smooth and very reliable. He has three and I'm trying to make a deal for one of them. Let's see what happens. He also said that these markers were made by a guy named Stagnelli in Porto Alegre, on his garage. Supposedly very few were made in the early 90s.

That's it. As I said, most of them are pictured and I'm proud to say that most are really part of my collection. Also, most of them are restored and in good working order, with the exception of the Crossball, one of the Busterballs and one of the Competitions. Still, most of them are Nelson based markers so it's just a matter of time and will to fix them.

Hope you guys enjoy it.


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