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Originally Posted by S.L. east side View Post
Stumbled across a de-classified military report when it hit the news. Basically, two military snipers had been wrecking house where they were posted. Included in the report was the fact that one of the snipers had made the elusive "one shot-two kills" which in sniper slang is refered to as a "Quigley." Apparently, this term evolved from the movie "Quigley Down Under" starring Tom Selleck and his 'stash, where he makes the shot of a lifetime? Haven't seen the movie, but has anyone made a paintball Quigley?
If I'm thinking of the correct news feed, it was a British Sniper. It was also a new world record shot at just over a mile and a half. It sounds like the round used was .338 Lapua.

Oh, and I haven't made a shot like that but was on the receiving end. We were playing a game of revolution. One of the guys fired a ball, hit a twig in front of myself and another guy. We were both hit in the legs. That was one of those WTF moments. It was cool shot though.
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