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Maybe ours should be called "a Clampett", after Jed and Jethro bouncing their shots of a rock and a tree repeatedly.

we get these quite a bit, often times intentionally (me and tyler are always trying to one-up with trick shots). yesterday we had some good ones... he shot a longball and bounced it off the ground, and broke on a guys lens (guy saw it coming too). few games later I got two trickshots in one game on city, first was off a rock onto a guys elbow (not that great), next one was a glance off the side of a building and smack into a guys lens, I was pretty happy with that one.

I think my favorite shots lately are shooting people while they are running, with a single shot from PGP. I got a wicked one off the break while running yesterday, and a couple good elims (both headshots) while opposing front player was switching bunkers (makes me extra happy since it saves my *** from getting outgunned in center field)
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