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Originally Posted by redthirst View Post
house analogy
Yes but that's SOP on a house. Almost everyone makes deposits/payments on houses instead of buying them outright. People go into deals like that knowing the routine. With used paintball guns being in the range of $100-$800 (mostly 'round here), this is cash people can usually put up without a payment system, thus payments are the minority.

As such, they are less common, and the ground rules are a little fuzzier on them. Most arrangements around here are generally amicable. Hell, the seller's willingness to accept a payment plan around here usually means they're willing to work with the buyer and give some leeway. In my case, I'm in the same situation as the OP except I've had successful dealings with the buyer in the past, on multiple occasions if I recall (I think he's bought two different guns from me). This is someone I would like to maintain a healthy business relationship with if he should ever return and start buying things again.

Therefore, it's in my best interests to refund his money and re-list the gun in question. I'm fairly easy-going unless I get the impression someone is out to screw me, and as the seller in the arrangement I'm fairly immune.
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