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A deposit is a deposit.

If someone wants me to hold something for them for an amount of time because they are definitely going to buy it, then they'd better put up some good-faith money (money talks, BS walks). I do that because I've been burned too many times by people who don't want to initially invest anything more than a promise, but expect me to turn away people with cash.

If they later back out, or fall off the face of the Earth, I don't give them their deposit back... otherwise, why get a deposit in the first place? I might as well have just held the item based on their word alone.

I'm not saying anyone else has to do that, I'm just saying I would (unless there were extenuating circumstances... I have refunded a buyer full purchase price because shortly after he paid me an unexpected bill came up) and it's not considered bad etiquette to keep a deposit.
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