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The agreement was (and I quote from PM):

"Originally Posted by Tx_Aggie
How does $100 down and the rest within 45 days sound?"

This was on 12-21-2010

He contacted me again on 02-15-2010 asking what the balance was, and I have not heard from him since. I sent him the balance and that was the end of contact. I sent several emails to the account listed in PayPal, and have not heard a word back from him. I plainly stated that if I did not hear back from him that I would be putting the marker back up for sale. My only conundrum is whether to put it back up for sale without first refunding the deposit. I'd prefer to wait until he contacts me to refund the deposit, but would prefer not to wait until he contacts me to put the marker back up for sale. I have no problem refunding the deposit if he asks, but I want to hear from him first.

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