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Originally Posted by bigballa View Post
Really? Nobody cared was just walk on play.
Yup I had a team mate pulled for leaving his pack behind. There were some strange rules. I also had a team mate whos gun went down and it was a 1 on 1. He removed a pod of paint from his pack and came around the bunker whipping the paint out the pod and breaking all over the other teams mask. The people on the side lines where going crazy and chearing. It turned out we didnt get the hang because even though the other player was covered in paint the paint "did not leave the barrel of a paintball marker" so he was still in. Go figure. It was still a nice move and it made it on video. The funny thing is that the same thing happened the weekend before during practice and my team mate remembered the move and used it. He was hero for the day even though we got the shaft.
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