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BST SUCKS (greiving and what not)

I'm just pissed with buying paintball guns and equipment used. I bought 2 more guns, a rapide and a trilogy.

1. The rapide, finally my first perfect fully functional, no help needed gun I bought used (only problem is the fps is low, but the seller told me this before I bought it)

2. The trilogy...
- completely dirty on arrival
- had a leak (needed to use teflon tape + a sealer + other crap (because the threads by the asa were stripped, and it was leaking between the metal hose and the asa)
- the gun doesn't SHOOT (the bolt goes back and forth, with hardly any air coming out of it (I was using a tank with probably 2k left in it, it's a 3k tank and that's plenty of air))

What's the problem?
Almost every time I've bought a gun used, it arrives with a problem.... and I've said crap about this before. But COME ON. I traded my friggen KINECT for a TRILOGY... The kinect is $100 used, unlike a trilogy which is like $70 used.........

Guns purchased in order, everyone, and problems:

- Spyder Pilot ACS (needed new capacitor)
- DP Fusion F7 (second best I've bought, chopped a crap load of paint is all)
- Invert Mini (bad noid, bad board, bad asa, etc. etc. etc. on ARRIVAL)
- PM5 (needed a new macroline + fitting, then when I needed to replace the battery the harness broke very easily and I needed a new battery harness + microswitch)
- t8.1 (I am fine with this guy, he was very nice. Needed a new relief valve)
- rapide (w00p w00p, no problems from a gun made in the 80's )
- trilogy autococker (leak, stripped threads, doesn't shoot)

Other non-gun related problems:

- dye i4 (needed a new lens, soft ears torn, after less then 5 games one ripped off completely)
- 3k tank (perfectly fine, but I just want to list everything i bought used)

Yeah, this is everything I've bought used, on here and PBN, eBay, and another forum unrelated to paintball. On here I bought the t8.1 and rapide. 2 good transactions that I'm very happy about. Honestly, I think I'll only start buying stuff on here for paintball, because this is getting ridiculous.

The fact that a lot of the problems cost money to fix pisses me off as well. Most weren't a fix anybody could do. A noid, capacitor, lens, battery harness + microswitch, macroline, fitting, etc...

Well, fml, and I hate buying used crap. Fk pbn, since most problems were from there.

The fusion, mini, and trilogy were from there. (as well as the dye i4 and tank)
The pm5 was from ebay.
The t8.1 and rapide were from here.

Well, whatever............ I've lost a lot of money buying used, it's ridiculous. I guess I'm done ranting.
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