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I cannot dispute the trilogy on paypal for one thing, it was a trade for a kinect.

Ok, yes I ask questions, yes I look at feedback (ex. guy with trilogy had 33 positive or something like that). The bolt honestly looks the same either way it's turned, so i don't think turning it would do anything but i guess i'll try it when i get some air. The hammer? (if you mean the bolt moving back and forth, it does, i'm not sure it's suppose to be like this, but i can push in the trigger, and it'll hold the bolt back, then i can let go to let it go forward) anyways, i'll be seeing a kid this Sunday and I'll let him check it out. He owns many autocockers including a trilogy, and he techs many guns.

Also, I haven't become quite the tech, but sure i'm good at opening guns and knowing where parts are now, sort of... I understand how a lot of guns work now, and what each thing does. (For some guns, not all)

Honestly, I've done everything I could to prevent this. The person I talk to has good feedback, I ask many questions, I get pictures (you can't see problems with pictures), I do it all.

Originally Posted by Droop View Post
seriously... where do you buy from?
i have NEVER had an issue with that from a user here.
No issue with a user here. I posted where I bought what from and what the problems were. The only problem here was one time it needed a new relief valve, but the user was very awesome about it and very sorry.

Originally Posted by tangus999 View Post
sounds like you being lied to or not asking the appropriate questions.
example for the trilogy. I would have asked if anything is wrong with it like I normally do.
if they would have said yes. then j would have been putting a Paypal dispute in.
assume NOTHING. ask about everything.

and used is used so take that into consideration.
I ask so many questions. I always ask if there are any leaks, if it's in fully working order, any problems, etc. etc. etc. etc. and more etc.'s. I've had plenty people tell me it's in working order and they don't arrive working.

Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
Where and who did you buy them from? Did you leave appropriate feedback?
Yes and NO... For the mini, the guy was being nice and paid for the noid, but then even more problems happened and i already left good feedback. it was on pbn. for the trilogy, no feedback has been left yet.
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