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Arrow MCB Edition Retro 7!!!!

Huge news for the MCB Crowd, we are releasing this limited MCB edition Retro 7 pistol, for immediate production (instead of the boring vanilla version) for all our excellent and loyal customers from MCB. Onto the sexy details:

-burled walnut receiver, frame, and feed system (I've secured the appropriate materials from a local violin maker)
-two-stage set trigger
-hand finished sandalwood grips!
-solid brass barrel and internals (pre-oxidized finish)
-optional fiber optic ghost ring sights

Also I would like to announce at this time, some more great news:

MCB Limited Edition Falcon!!!
-twin redundant valve technology
-secondary cocking mechanism
-rotating target sear and electromagnetic hammer
-pull barrel forward to clear the breech and self-clean!
-the valve or any part can be swapped out while gassed up on the field
-five piece modular receiver
-expected price: $1400

and finally, the real best news of all:

announcing the Avratech AV-L Heretic
-lever action, can be switched to bolt action
-rotary 10 shot feed with speed gate spin reloading!
-pistol or long-gun configuration will be available!!!!
-uses a swappable insert behind the barrel for bore control
-fires closed bolt, chambers into the insert
-fully first strike compatible (10 rounds!)
-full length sight rail with fiber optic ghost ring sights available
-expected 700 dollar base price point
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