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Originally Posted by DeeEight View Post
A friend's TM-15 (and yes he's tried replacing thé solenoids) does something else. It doesn't leak, but when he shoots it no matter where he adjusts thé velocity setting to, he barely gets 50fps out of thé ball. I actually suggested he try running some oil thru thé schwartz's regulator because I used to have to setup a Tippmann E-bolt 98 who's ram system and solenoid did exactly thé same thing. You'd try adjusting thé regulator pressure, you'd shoot it over and over, pffft pffft pffft all low velocity shots. Put a few drops of synthetic schwartz oil into thé ASA, take five or ten shots and BLAM, back up to full velocity.
What does the gauge on the side of the asa read when gassed up. Lots of tm series users make the mistake of using the regulator adjuster on the asa to adjust velocity. While it is much easier than spinning the maddening velocity adjuster, it really does effect the operation. It should read just under 200psi.

Please no oil in there. This isn't a sear tripper, it's a poppet valve. The manual that comes with it shows where to apply the lube, and what kind to use.

Also, if that doesn't work, try a new 9v. Verify that it actually has a full 9v with a voltmeter if possible. Always a good 1st thing to check with any electro.
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