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Need help with a major safety issue at my local field

I have been having an issue lately with my home field for the past few months. These people owned a chrono, but it broke a while back. And every time I go we play with no chrono and people shoot hot. And I know it's bad, but I at least make sure I'm not shooting hot, I purposely under power my phantom by tuning it. So, today I had a bad issue. I was shot over 30 feet away by a kid shooting his ego, and mind you, I was wearing my BDU Jacket, with my elbow pads underneath and that hit popped and left a HUGE welt and it was black and purple. Had it hit me from 10 feet on bare skin I would have bled for sure and it would have been a nasty hit. I was PISSED! I went to the co owner of the field and told him, "you need a chrono!" and showed him the hit. He responds by smirking and asking "did it hurt?" (while a bunch of agglets stand around him) and I said "hell yeah it hurt, and it still hurts! You need a chrono!" He just smirked and chuckled. What should I do? I am concerned for the safety of others at the field. Imagine if that were a little kid instead of me that got hit, from close up on bare skin? It would not have ended well for the kid. However, I don't know what to do. Should I talk to the city, or take a legal route and sue? Can I do any of the following? Is there any one else I should contact, because clearly the owner won't do anything.
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