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I just wanted to thank Mel and Rod for the excellent work that CCM did on my '03 J2.
Rod taking time out of his day (there is not alot of time that he can do that) and getting this gun at 100% for me means alot.

This was that gun that I saw when I got into paintball and wanted to upgrade from my Trracer to something "better". When I got my hands on it, it was a pump (and probably came like that from the shop), someone before me stripped some screws, and someone had messed with the lower tube. Worked like a demon as a pump and hurt feelings like no other (cept my T2).
Now a while back a friend of mine purchased a "CCM" front pnuematics kit for one of his guns and was not happy when he got something that had a Macdev LPR on it (later we learned that it was off of a Works Cocker). Since he wasn't using it and someone had manged the LPR, I grabbed it off of him and put an LPR that I had sitting around the shop and put a CCM 3-way on it too. Now for all my smarts I messed this gun up good. Bent both the 3-way shaft and ram shaft in the process of putting things on and off.
Finally decided that this poor marker needed to go back "home" to be educated on how to be a semi. I talked to CCM about it and sent it off. Wrote a long letter about all the problems that I was having and quirks that could be looked into. I also told them that there was no rush (since it is bloody cold here and cockers DO NOT like being cold).
Yesterday it came back to my hands and it was like Christmas for me. I know what the CCM boxes look like. When I got a chance I brought it to our shooting range and shot off about 50 rounds and she shot like a dream.

This gun will always be my '69 Hemi Cuda.
You know that car that you saw when you were a kid and got you excited to drive. The car that if you get your hands on it, you will drive it like it was meant to be driven but baby it like it should be.
Thank you again, Mel and Rod @ CCM for returning that gun back to me and making it work so well now.
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