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I didn't mention the pursuitpods as Manning and I had already discussed them, they are why I refer to anything having to do with 10rd tubes in the past tense. I keep a few to use for ball sizers(it's easier to recognize a diameter change in a 10stack than a single ball), I'll not carry them on the field ever again.

Like tubes, the pistolpods take some work and some practice to get fast with. In my opinion, once you pay that toll, they are the best, most efficient option.

I'd much rather deal with the option on the right:

My pistolpod method with my P68sc was to draw the pistolpod and open the feedhole with my left hand after pumping in the last shot I planned before the change. When ready, I would clamp it against my side with my right wrist(gunhand), pull the plug with my left and grab the pod, filling the tube. Then I'd clamp it back with my right wrist, replace the plug and holster the pod with my left. A little more complex, but not noticeably slower once I got the hang of it.

You ever hear of anyone vacuumloading the 120mm, Manning? With the hatches closed rocking the older 105mm cannon and it's brass and aluminum shells, you could hold a round in air over the breech then when the gunner fired you simply let go of the nose and the vacuum would literally suck the round right from your hands, ClangSlam! Our fastest was 2 rounds on target in 8 seconds going 15mph, the load itself was literally a few seconds. Our loader had rigged himself an underarm loop from(IIRC) a firstaid box or something on the turret ceiling that let him stand pretty well even on the move.
Good times!
They were around 40lbs for sabot, I don't think too many folks could straightarm 70 in a moving tank

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