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That Perfect Shot

Have you ever had that one shot you had that couldn't recreate if you tried? I'll start.

I played some outlaw ball yesterday with my new Nightkast sniper and this is how my first elimination with it panned out. A team mate and I hung back to wait for the shooting to start and then immediately hit the tapeline and worked our way around these two guys that had our front line pinned down. He signaled to me to take the guy on the left and he'd get the right. My guy was behind a tire barracade and they had no clue we were behind them. We stalked our way to withing about 75 feet and my buddy gave the signal to fire. My first shot barely missed to the right, but with all the firing going on he had tunnel vision and never noticed a shot hit next to him. Keep in mind that this fella was 350-375lbs easy, so as he was kneeling behind his bunker he had about 4 inches of arse crack smiling back at me. I lined up a quick second shot and aimed for the middle of his back. I watched the ball headed straight and true, but sure enough it started to drop. Lo and behold I nailed that dude dead center in the crack of the arse. He let out a yell that would've woke the dead. He was a good sport about it and I assured him that was not where I was aiming, but that made for a round of laughs at his expense at the end of that game. Not a bad shot for the first time out with a new marker.
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