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Not me, but my best friend. I was reffing.

We were playing an attack/defend game and my friend was attacking. Rather than take the obvious approaches, he hauled tail all the way around the perimeter of the field (30 acres) and approached the fort from the back side. I was reffing the fort, and saw him come out of the trees behind the fort.

There was a big open field between him and the fort that he had to cross to touch the flag and end the game. The field was about 100 yards across, with no cover but grass about knee high.

Thinking everyone defending was looking the other way, he started crawling through the grass. About a quarter of the way across, he realized there was one guy sitting behind a bunker looking vaguely in his direction. What he didn't know was that the one guy was a first time kid who was scared out of his mind, who was hiding from the rather large firefight going on to the front of the fort. The kid was maybe 14, and wasn't even trying to look around.

My friend, thinking he was exposed and about to get caught in the open, draws up and aims at the kid from about 75 yds away. He had his barrel up high enough it looked like a mortar shot. He pulled the trigger and I saw the puff of CO2. He was far enough away I never even heard the shot. I watched the ball fly across the field, hit that kid directly in the lens of the mask, and bounce.

The kid jumped 10 feet in the air, screamed, and bolted straight to the front of the fort -where he promptly got lit up. I was laughing so hard I was crying. My friend crawled the rest of the way across the field and pulled the flag before anyone else on the other team had a clue he was there.

We both felt bad for the kid, but its still the single most amazing, on purpose, shot I've ever seen in paintball.

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