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Desert fox updates?

so I was going over my new desert fox yesterday, and took a look at the serial number. to my astonishment, it is one serial number lower than my older fox.

I was thinking wow, this is cool; what are the odds of that happening. then I started noticing differences.

my newer fox(lower serial number)is black, and is a deluxe. my older one is a standard, and silver. my silver desert fox must be the final form of the desert fox, because it came with a two piece barrel, the black one did not, the ball retainer is also different in that it is rounded, and not rectangular. The other things I noticed were the bolt, and trigger plate. the bolt on the Silver fox is has a slightly larger face than the deluxe, and the trigger plate on the deluxe has a lot of front to back slop due to the angle the slot was cut at; this seems to be fixed on the silver fox, as there is no such slop. could this be an updated version, with impovements, or someones screw up in manufacturing?
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