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What's a Target Goal? And why isn't this working!?

So I'm 15, turning 16 next month. I'm 6' even and I'm 210 pounds. I know I'm fat but what weight should I aim for? I've always been built large, never that skinny kid you see running around. The next question is why don't I see the fat coming off? I'm pretty active. I don't sit around the house all day but don't do any sort of work outs or anything. I look at my friends who eat HUGE meals and don't exercise and they are trim and fit. I eat smaller size meals most of the time, meaning almost always and I'm pretty active but the fat still hangs on. I don't know if it's genetics or mothers side of the family is all pretty large. As you can see I'm a big kid.

So, with all that written down, post away!
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