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I don't think BMI is a good way to go. It compares your height and your weight, and muscle weighs more than fat, so a short but very muscular person could show up as obese.

I think you should just keep on going for now. I would avoid soft drinks like Mar said and avoid candy as well... there really aren't any foods that "make you fat" (excess calories do, usually from over eating simple sugars and starches) but some foods definitely aid weight loss or help keep weight off.

I think that since you're still growing, getting proper nutrition (especially vitamins and minerals, mainly iron and zinc) through FOOD and not vitamin supplements is much more important than body fat or weight.

I also have a friend who was about 6' 210 when he was 15. He was always just big, and I don't mean fat. Just big, like a ****ing warrior.

He plays college rugby now and dominates people. When he hit 18ish and stopped growing, he actually seemed to get leaner. Part of that was definitely playing rugby, but he played soccer his whole life.

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