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I have played a ton of airball games with a pistol and even more woodsball/sceanrio games. On the airball field I shoot only 4 or 5 shots and take at least two people with me. On a woodsball game I average 1.5 people per 8 shot clip. In scenario I average 1.2 people per clip. Granted in half to woodsball games I survive to the end and scenario is its own world. When I go to my A5 or BTERC I play some what the same style in respected plays. I am just more op to stay in a firefight and not back out and run around the backside. I try to ambush or backside people with the pistol.

However, I do tend to rush in with pistols blazing in fire fight but that is a tactic that a team member(s) slip to the side while my enemy focuses on the fat guy yelling and runing their way.

Plus I cant tell you how funny the agglets yell and scream when being shot out by a pistol in an airball game by those "pro" players. I still remember the UofD team me and some walkons played and I shot 4 of the 7 man team out. they won but for two months they claimed I cheated at that game. Ahh memories
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