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Step one: stop with the scale. You can vary by like 10% in water weight. If you are going to use a scale use it consistantly (same time, same clothing, same day, etc). Weigh yourself once a week - maybe twice. Be aware you may actually gain weight at first as your muscle builds, and that muscle, in turn (with right diet) will burn fat.

Eating right is the key. What few people will tell you is it takes ROUGHLY running 30 miles to actually burn 1lb of fat. Get the diet right things will follow, however they will take time. Losing more than a lb or two a week is considered unhealthy. The diet that you can follow to do it, long term, can cause gall bladder issues (trust me on this, I did it). Take things gradually on major changes as your body may not like them.

Find an activity you love that you can do on a regular basis (2-3 days a week) be it weight lifting, running, or whatever. Do this because you enjoy it and it will help the BMI issue. Your BMI is high - understand most machines that are at home machines are not 100% accurate but they give you baseline readings to go off.
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