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An improved paintball gun classification system.

So the old system of saying this paintball gun is a "speedball gun", and that one is a "woodsball gun" is really quite useless since the gun doesn't care what field it's on. So lets try for a more exact system that actually describes the functions and features on the gun instead of trying to force a stereotype.

Sport (better name for what some call "speedball" guns). A paintball gun that looks, well, like a paintball gun. Could be an electro, mech, or pump, but generally has only the parts necessary to function. Generally either no sight rail, or one 3/8 "air gun" sight rail.

Mil-Sport. A sport paintball gun that's styled after the looks of a military gun, but doesn't really function any differently in use. Same old air tank and hopper. The good old A-5 fits this quite well.

Sport-Tac. A sport gun with some tactical rails thrown on, maybe a stock. Angel Ark, AGD Tac-1, or even a SP1 for example.

Mil-Tac. Military looks and tactical rails, but still functions as a normal paintball gun with a hopper and external air tank. US Army Project Salvo, or a Bob Long Mtac for example.

Mil-Sim. Looks like a real steel gun, right down to the functional magazines and no visible air tank. The type of gun you really want to make sure you carry in a case when not playing. RAP4, fully dress up Tacamo's, etc.

And the really rare Sport-Sim. A paintball gun that looks like a paintball gun, but simulates the function of a real steel gun with a magazine feed. AT-85, a Tacamo mag feed gun with all the dress up parts removed, etc.

So, thoughts? Suggestions? Concerns?
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