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I'm resurrecting this one, since it has almost been a year, and more new members seem to be signing up (and posting actively) lately!

Also, it's getting closer to school starting again- let's get the college folk back and play some weekend games!!!

Fairbanks: I know a few people in the area, how about some more that I haven't met in person? I'm targeting the college folk in particular with this.

If a particular day on a weekend were to be planned as a get together before it gets cold would anyone want to go?
Given enough interest, I'd be willing to bring snacks (cookies, brownies, something of the yummy verity) or possibly food.

I don't play at the local speedball (or airball or whatever it's called with the inflatable thingies), I prefer low key woodsball fun with friends. Anyone want to come, chill, and have a fun time?

Let me know! I'd love to get a bigger group out to play.
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