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Originally Posted by Marbo40k View Post
Dude I have totally been feeling this lately. I miss the old army surplus store gear and cheap guns. I felt pretty badass when I "upgraded" from my Rebel 02 to a Mongoose. All the guys that I basicaly grew up with playing this game don't play anymore and I am the only one left. It's hard to get that kind of fun back.
I'm with you here. One of the only good things about the economy going down the tubes is that a lot of my original paintball group, now in their mid to late 20s, have had to move back in with their parents. Maybe we can get the old gang back together.

Originally Posted by jason_finnie View Post
I now mainly play with either my 68 Special, Pro Mini Lite, or VM-68. with old school Revies. Old school is the way to go.
For me its Pro-Lite, VM-68 and a Hornet.
The 50rnd hopper will make paintball affordable to the masses.
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